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Heat Pump Repair in Columbus, OH 

With specialization in geothermal heat pumps, Heating and Cooling Part and Service Center provides high-quality heat pump repair in Columbus, OH. Our technicians have more than 25 years of experience in geothermal heat pump installation, sales, and repair.

Count on us to provide a full range of home heating and cooling services to make your home comfortable and more efficient. Our technicians are available around the clock for emergency repairs at no extra charge to you. In addition, we have maintenance plans available for just $100 and service visits for $50.

Heat Pump Installation in Columbus, OH

Heat Pump Installation by Skilled Professionals

Get your heat pump installed by properly trained and licensed professionals to ensure safety and efficiency in the long run. A heat pump functions by moving heat from warm areas to cool areas. In the winter, this helps heat your home, and in the summer, it helps keep your building cool. 

If you're ready to upgrade to a more efficient and modern heat source, count on our technicians to provide high-quality heat pump installation. From proper removal of your old heating system or pump to skilled installation of every component of your new heat pump, we make sure to handle each step with skill and care.

Why Choose Geothermal Heat Pump Installation?

For better energy efficiency and eco-friendliness, consider choosing geothermal heat pump installation in place of your old pump or home heating system. Geothermal pumps work by using the heat present in the Earth as a source of warmth during cold weather or as a place to store heat during warm weather. By using this natural source of heat, you don't need to use sources like electricity, coal, or gas, which cost more and are harsher on the environment.

Weekend & Emergency Services At No Additional Charge

$50 Service Calls

Timely Geothermal Heat Pump Repair Services

From basic and complex geothermal heat pump repair services to full heat pump replacements, we specialize in everything necessary to make sure your home is heated and cooled efficiently throughout all four seasons. Any time you're experiencing the signs of a faulty geothermal heat pump, contact our friendly technicians. We're available around the clock at no extra charge. Contact us any time you notice the following signs:

  • Loud Air Ducts
  • Continuously Running Unit
  • Drastic Temperature Changes
  • Unit Turning On and Off Frequently

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when you require heat pump repair in Columbus, OH. We proudly serve customers in Columbus, Grove City, Hilliard, Upper Arlington, and Bexley, OH.